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Oeuvres d'art réalisées par mon chat | Expert en mugs moches et passionné par les symbôles n'ayant finalement aucune signification

Artsworks in pottery.

Head horse / Tête de cheval

masque cornu

Cigarette and cigar ashtray / Cendrier à cigarettes et cigares

Melting dish /plat fondant

atelier de poterie lyon 2 Anne Mangeot

Studio / Atelier:

Pottery workshop / Atelier de poterie

Contact : Anne MANGEOT

Address / Adresse : 6 rue Claudius Collonge – 69002 LYON. France. Phone / tél. : (+33) (0) 4 72 77 60 03.

Anne MANGEOT is a visual artist who works with volume graphics using – in the studio as well as outdoors – raw materials found in all kinds of landscapes. The practice of printmaking allows her to approach, in a language tending towards abstraction, her favorite theme, nature; but she also has other areas of interest, such as architecture, archaeology, animals…

Particularly receptive to nature and its relationship with human being, she tries to bring to light this unseen part of the visible, giving her drawings and prints a simple yet elaborate form that reflects her sensitive experience. The use of unconventional techniques (collagraphy, litho-paper, stamping, engraving on cardboard) offers her a great latitude of execution and expression.